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Story Circle Book Review

Austin, TX- “Relationships don’t necessarily end when a person dies. Memories keep them alive, but that’s not enough for author Lo Anne Mayer. Mayer and her mother left too much unsaid. She came across some of her own old journals a year after her mother’s death and remembered “how [she’d] combined meditation and journaling to tap into divine guidance” when she was dealing with her six-year-old son’s academic difficulties. She wondered if the same technique could help her overcome her grief at the loss of her mother, and figured it couldn’t hurt to try. Celestial Conversations is a record of her attempts and the results…..Mayer writes with conviction and a passion for sharing her experience. She offers tools, which readers may take or leave. She shows her characters clearly, and brings to light where her relationships succeeded, where they failed, and how they shifted when her mother and daughter wrote to her from the other side.” READ MORE

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