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The P.E.O. Record September – October 2013

Lo Anne Mayer, AC, Chatham, New Jersey wrote “Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death.” After the death of her 86-year-old mother, Lo Anne wished she could mend the relationship she had with her mother. During their lifelong adversarial relationship, the two of them had never intimately connected. The memory of the unfinished business left her feeling defeated, sad and angry. Lo Anne first tried to heal her grief in conventional ways. She talked to counselors and attended support groups. Though wonderful, they weren’t enough. She didn’t find the solace she needed until she wrote a letter directly to her mother. To her surprise, she received a reply. So began seven years of intimate correspondences with her mother’s soul, the connection Mayer had longed for her whole life.

In “Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death,” Lo Anne tells the story of her mother’s life and death and shares excerpts from the journals, which contain surprising and profound lessons on a number of topics from motherhood to forgiveness to karma.

When her own daughter Cyndi died by her own hand in 2005, the painful separation sparked another set of transpersonal journals, this time between Lo Anne and her daughter.

Today Lo Anne runs Celestial Circles for groups who want to try the method. For those who prefer to try on their own, she has also written “Celestial Conversations: A Guided Journey.” Lo Anne is a workshop presenter and former host of the television show “Angels at Work.” She has studied various forms of healing for 30 years, including nutrition, charismatic healing, therapeutic touch, the mind-body connection and various forms of meditation. “Celestial Conversations” is her first book.

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