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Endorsements and Testimonials

“This book is a very special accomplishment for you and for the body of knowledge seekers can use to make connections and heal wounds they thought may never heal. Truly a gift!”

-Ethel Lee Miller, Tuscon, Arizona

“Thank you for this precious and intimate gift. Your book is beautifully written and brings much needed vision and insight to a 21st century world so pressed with loss and challenge.

-Valerie, New Jersey

Celestial Conversations is one of the most remarkable chronicles of its kind to emerge in recent years.  Much evidence is emerging from consciousness research that survival of bodily death is real.  This book helps confirm that evidence at the transpersonal level.  Read and be inspired.

Larry Dossey, M.D.
author of The Power of Premonitions and Reinventing Medicine

Celestial Conversations provides a fascinating approach to the facilitation of after-death communications. Lo Anne Mayer’ s new, promising method does not require building a psychomanteum or finding a highly trained therapist. Instead she requires only the right frame of mind, a pen, and paper.

Allan Botkin, Psy.D.
author of Induced After Death Communication: A New Therapy for Healing Grief and Trauma

In Celestial Conversations, Lo Anne Mayer continues her relationships with deceased loved ones by journaling with them. The process opened her to a two-way channel of communication that led to the knowledge we survive our physical deaths and healed her grief. Those who seek their own connections will be inspired.

Robert Ginsberg
co-founder and vice president of Forever Family Foundation

In this beautifully crafted book, Lo Anne Mayer shares her story as she would with a friend. The narrative is compelling, and the voice in the telling is genuine and generous.

Susan M. Tiberghien
author of Looking for Gold:A Year in Jungian Analysis

In these pages are divinely guided messages that will change your awareness of the soul’s journey.  Celestial Conversations will open your heart so you can begin your own process of healing.

Linda Drake
author of Reaching Through the Veil to Heal and Secret Pathways to Healing

This book is a confirmation that the Spirit goes on and on, improving with every lifetime, and that love never dies. It will greatly comfort many who mourn losses of ones dear to them as well as those who never had the opportunity to mend breaches prior to their passing.

Reverend Alma Daniel
co-author of Ask Your Angels

LoAnne Mayer has woven her insight, experience, and gentleness into a mending kit for those whose hearts are broken after the passing of a loved one.

Bob Danzig
author of The Hummingbird Effect: A Journey to Confidence
former CEO Hearst Newspapers

Mental health is fostered by supportive, loving, continued bonds with loved ones, and journal writing enhances growth as well. Lo Anne Mayer chronicles how combining the two can be a powerful tool for healing the past, coping with the present, and preparing for the future.

Dianne Arcangel
author of Afterlife Encounters

Story Circle Book Review

Austin, TX- “Relationships don’t necessarily end when a person dies. Memories keep them alive, but that’s not enough for author Lo Anne Mayer. Mayer and her mother left too much unsaid. She came across some of her own old journals a year after her mother’s death and remembered “how [she’d] combined meditation and journaling to tap into divine guidance” when she was dealing with her six-year-old son’s academic difficulties. She wondered if the same technique could help her overcome her grief at the loss of her mother, and figured it couldn’t hurt to try. Celestial Conversations is a record of her attempts and the results…..Mayer writes with conviction and a passion for sharing her experience. She offers tools, which readers may take or leave. She shows her characters clearly, and brings to light where her relationships succeeded, where they failed, and how they shifted when her mother and daughter wrote to her from the other side.” READ MORE

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