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What is a Celestial Circle? And How Can It Help Me?

Lo Anne Mayer, author of Celestial Conversations

A Celestial Circle is intended to help participants practice the process of communicating with loved ones who have died, as described in Lo Anne’s book, Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death. The intention of a Celestial Circle is to provide a safe environment for non-denominational prayer, meditation, inner listening and transpersonal journaling. The purpose of the transpersonal journaling is to dissolve any barriers that prevent the experience of forgiveness and unconditional love between those who died and those who grieve their loss.

Lo Anne Mayer is a certified facilitator of groups, who has taught workshops for over twenty-five years. Celestial Circles provide opportunities to practice your own transpersonal journaling with Lo Anne. The day includes guided meditation, as well as several opportunities to practice journaling with your own loved ones. Plenty of time is provided for questions and answers. Sharing iswith like-minded participants is encouraged but totally optional.

If you have lost someone and feel that you need information from them, Celestial Circles gives you the tools, the time and a safe environment to ask those questions and the possibility of receiving the answers you need to find peace. Lo Anne has been sharing Celestial Circles in Texas and NJ for the last three years.

About Lo Anne Mayer

Lo Anne has studied various forms of healing for thirty years.  Raising her six children was catalytic for studying nutrition, charismatic healing, therapeutic touch, the mind-body connection, and various forms of meditation. She is a student of a “Course in Miracles”  and Edgar Cayce as well as a reiki master.  As a certified teacher of Louise Hay’s “Healing Your Life” course, she taught the course for twelve years, which led to private consultations.

Inspired by her training with Alma Daniel to teach “Angel Meditation”, Lo Anne produced and hosted a television show entitled “Angels at Work,” which emphasized the good works of ordinary people, as well as writing her own course entitled, “Choosing Joy:  How to Create a Joy-filled Life.” The deaths of her mother and her daughter inspired Lo Anne to try to reach beyond the veil for understanding and acceptance.

As a result of her successful experience in connecting with her lost loved ones through meditation and journaling, she wrote her first book, entitled Celestial Conversations Healing Relationships After Death. Lo Anne tested her process of reaching beyond the veil with individuals over the past year.  With the encouragement of her participants, she hopes to help others find the acceptance and peace she found through Celestial Conversations.

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