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About the Book
Did you ever Buy, See Reviews of 'Celestial Conversations' on Amazonwish you could mend a relationship with a loved one who has died?  Does the memory of the unfinished business leave you feeling defeated, sad or even angry?

If the answer is yes, then you, like me, have experienced the personal loneliness, rage, and despair of loss I felt when my eighty-six-year-old mother died in 2004.  During our lifelong adversarial relationship, we never intimately connected.  She was suspicious of me to the last, and I never understood why.

To heal my grief, I first went the conventional routes, talking to grief counselors and in support groups.  Both were wonderful but not enough.  It was not until I wrote directly to my mother — and then my adult daughter, who died by suicide in 2005 — that I truly healed.  Our soul-to-soul “celestial conversations” occur through transpersonal journal writing, which I eventually recognized as a healing tool for many bereaved people.

In New Jersey and Texas I have offered to date over one hundred Celestial Circles for people struggling with the death of a loved one.  These gatherings, at which I teach how to begin transpersonal journaling, have drawn people from all walks of life who suffer alone, sometimes for years, with unresolved emotions.  All report finding their celestial conversations intriguing and freeing.  Most importantly, they walk away from a workshop with new and positive insights that help them quell their inner turmoil.

Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death is based on my years of experience with both deaths and the transpersonal process. There are three components:

First, Celestial Conversations is a memoir that presents my journey, covering my very human confrontations with shock and tragedy as I tended to the other members of my family in the aftermath of the deaths of my mother and daughter.  The story traces how I:

  • Witnessed my mother’s remarkable transformation from a shaking, terrified old woman to a being of calm beauty at the moment of her death;
  • Came to transpersonal journaling in the first place; struggled at first to believe in my celestial conversations;
  • Gradually let go of my resentment and anger because of the loving wisdom with which my mother wrote to me;
  • Understood what happened to my daughter, who also became my spiritual teacher;
  • Benefited from the friendship and instruction of a professor who has written one of the country’s leading textbooks on transpersonal psychology;
  • Learned an immense amount about karma and reincarnation and my own soul’s journey.