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Read Lo Anne's Story on Page 1B

The Sun, Georgetown TX Newspaper Article, featuring photo of Lo Anne Mayer, author of Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death - Click to view article










You can read about Lo Anne’s story on page 1B of the Sunday addition. Click the picture above to view the article.

The Williams County Sun publishes a daily and Sunday printed newspaper and online resource to the Williams County area of Texas not far from Austin, TX. LoAnne was featured on the first page of their Sunday ‘Life’ section of the paper.


Sibyl Magazine

Look for Lo Anne’s article, “Transpersonal Journaling Healed My Grief”.

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The P.E.O. Record 

Lo Anne Mayer, AC, Chatham, New Jersey wrote “Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death” After the death of her 86-year-old mother, Lo Anne wished she could mend the relationship she had with her mother. During their lifelong adversarial relationship, the two of them had never intimately connected. The memory of the unfinished business left her feeling defeated, sad and angry. Lo Anne first tried to heal her grief in conventional ways. She talked to counselors and attended support groups. Though wonderful, they weren’t enough. She didn’t find the solace she needed until she wrote a letter directly to her mother. To her surprise, she received a reply. So began seven years of intimate correspondences with her mother’s soul, the connection Mayer had longed for her whole life. READ MORE

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Celestial Conversations
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Healing Relationships After Death

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What is Celestial Journaling?

Prayer, meditation and a healing intention are preludes to the inner listening required to be open to write down the wise words from loved ones who have passed.  Writing down the words without censoring is essential to Celestial Journaling.

Do I need to attend a seminar to use Celestial Journaling?

I began my Celestial Conversations alone in 2005 and it worked for me.  However group intentions are far more powerful.  There is also the benefit of like-minded people who gather to encourage different perspective

Will I always get words to write down in Celestial Journaling?

Some people receive pictures or colors which are meaningful for them.  Whatever is received feels positive and healing, but not always easily interpreted.  That is why group participation can be very helpful.