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Celestial Conversations – Healing Relationships After Death

Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death by Lo Anne Mayer - Have you lost a loved one? Did you have time to say goodbye? Do you have unresolved questions? Do you need closure? Click here to get your copy today!



 Facebook Appearance with Melanie Warner

On August 10, 2017, Celestial Conversations™ author Lo Anne Maye was interviewed on Defining Moments Melanie Warner Facebook Site by Melanie Warner. Click on the image below to watch the interview.”


A Word from the Author:  A New Way to Use My Meditation

Four years ago I recorded a meditation for my website.  Some of the people who were interested in Celestial Conversations were not meditators.  My intention was to give them a centering meditation to use before they began their transpersonal journaling.  Some people even told me that the meditation was good for them when they felt uptight and anxious.  Then one day I received a call from the daughter of a friend who was dying of pancreatic cancer.  She told me that her mom was agitated and uncomfortable.  I suggested that they meditate together, using the meditation on my website.  Here is Laura’s testimonial with her permission.

I wanted to reach out to you and tell you about my experience with my mom.  She was diagnosed in Mid-January 2016 with Stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

In the last few days, at your suggestion, I played your Celestial Conversations healing meditation numerous times in her room.  When she seemed anxious and in pain, your meditation put my mom to sleep in complete comfort.  Sometimes I would sit and listen and other times I would hit “play” and leave her to relax.

Your meditation was a pivotal part in Mom’s letting go, relaxation, and ultimate death. This was an amazing gift, which created moments of peace to heal my own grief as well.  While I would sit next to her, crying in my own sadness, I would listen to your voice and would let my grief be released as she was releasing her life to God.

The thrill of knowing that Laura’s mother found peace as she lay dying was a gift I will never forget.  Laura’s mother was my friend for thirty years!  She was in Florida under hospice care and I was in California, praying for her and wanting so much to help her.  Never in my wildest dreams did it occur to me that the meditation on my website could help my dear friend.  It was an honor and privilege to be able to do so.  It was also a surprise to witness the subconscious mind of my friend breathing in peace and breathing out stress in the video her daughter sent to me on my phone.  This new way of using an meditation is one my life’s greatest gifts.  I thank Laura for allowing me to share this with you.

Read Lo Anne’s Story on Page 1B

Read Lo Anne Mayer's story on Page 1B of the attached document

You can read about Lo Anne’s story on page 1B of the Sunday addition. Click the picture above to view the article.

The Williamson County Sun publishes a daily and Sunday printed newspaper and online resource to the Williams County area of Texas not far from Austin, TX. LoAnne was featured on the first page of their Sunday ‘Life’ section of the paper.


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Celestial Conversations: A Guided Journey, by Lo Anne Mayer, is a downloadable journal companion volume to Celestial Conversations: Healing Relationships After Death.  At left is a sample journal page from Celestial Conversations: A Guided Journey. Click the page for a larger view.

The journal features instructions for transpersonal journaling as described in the book, and provides thirty days’ worth of attractive pages sprinkled with quotations from the author’s own journals.

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Questions for book discussions

What is Celestial Journaling?

What is Celestial Journaling?

Prayer, meditation and a healing intention are preludes to the inner listening required to be open to write down the wise words from loved ones who have passed.  Writing down the words without censoring is essential to Celestial Journaling.

Do I need to attend a seminar to use Celestial Journaling?

Do I need to attend a seminar to use Celestial Journaling?

I began my Celestial Conversations alone in 2005 and it worked for me.  However group intentions are far more powerful.  There is also the benefit of like-minded people who gather to encourage different perspective

Will I always get words to write down in Celestial Journaling?

Will I always get words to write down in Celestial Journaling?

Some people receive pictures or colors which are meaningful for them.  Whatever is received feels positive and healing, but not always easily interpreted.  That is why group participation can be very helpful.